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StrikeX Secures Inaugural UK Financial Institutional Client for Web3 Consultancy


LONDON, May 10, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - StrikeX Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of blockchain solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Web3 Consultancy Services. This new service aims to educate and advise traditional financial institutions on the potential of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


As part of this exciting development, StrikeX has already signed a prominent UK-based financial institution with global operations as its inaugural client. This partnership marks a significant milestone in StrikeX's mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web3 technologies.

"The introduction of StrikeX's Web3 Consultancy Service signifies a natural evolution for our organization," said Joe Jowett, CEO of StrikeX Technologies. "Our primary focus is to empower forward-thinking financial entities by providing educational guidance and the necessary tools to navigate the realm of blockchain. With our expertise and commitment to innovation, we are well-prepared to fulfil this objective."

By leveraging StrikeX's educational resources, businesses can confidently embrace Web3 principles and frameworks, positioning themselves at the forefront of this transformative market. StrikeX is dedicated to facilitating the integration of its clients into the StrikeX ecosystem, where their visions align, enabling them to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Web3, the next stage of the internet, integrates blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and tokenization, revolutionizing various industries such as finance, supply chains, gaming, and art. This presents businesses with unparalleled opportunities to innovate and succeed in the digital economy.

"The inception of our Web3 Consultancy Service reflects the clear market need and our commitment to fostering blockchain technology adoption," added Joe. "With our expertise in blockchain, DeFi, and tokenized assets, StrikeX is perfectly positioned to guide companies toward a flourishing Web3 future."

StrikeX Technologies is excited to embark on this journey of empowering financial institutions and pioneering the advancement of Web3 technologies. For more information about StrikeX Technologies Ltd., please visit strikex.com.

About StrikeX Technologies Ltd

StrikeX Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of blockchain solutions, specializing in blockchain technology, DeFi, and tokenized assets. The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3, empowering organizations to embrace the transformative power of blockchain.

Contact Information:
Joe Jowett
CEO & Co-Founder
[email protected]

SOURCE: StrikeX Technologies Ltd.

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