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EverNote 免安裝中文版 – 跨電腦手機平台的記事本


取代Google筆記本 - EverNote,可以即時同步多設備的記事本,當你寫下一筆記事之後,可以自動同步到電腦、雲端、手機(iPhone、Android),除了一般記事外,還有手寫、音訊、網路相機記事,新增待辦事項,最美妙的功能是可以直接貼上網頁內容而圖片卻可以正常顯示,因為它會自動將圖片上專屬伺服器,免費版有些許的功能限制。(阿榮)(下載

[2011.12.17] 感謝讀者「Chao-Rong, Chiu」通知改版訊息。
[2012.04.13] 新增4.5.4.6498 中文可攜版。

EverNote Portable is an all-in-one notes organizer that enables you to keep track of notes, To-Do items, memos, sketches, website snippets, idean and other things and automatically synchronize them between multiple computers and mobile devices (iPhone, Android etc.). You can choose to sort your notes into categories, password protect them, export them to XML and more. EverNote supports several notes templates which allow you to add To-Do lists, Excel-like spread sheets for expenses (that automatically calculate a total), phone notes, contact information and shopping lists as well as handwritten notes.
The program supports HTML content, rich text and various image formats. Evernote can be installed on your computer, iPod or Android device and automatically synchronized.
Requires you to set up a free online account. The free version displays ads and has a monthly upload limit of 60mb.(Snapfiles)


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