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[Startup Saturday] Mobile Startup Conference in Hong Kong


從Web 2.0到Mobile,當下最熱門的Mobile創業題目到底是什麼?參與10月12日的Mobilliance 2013你便會知道答案。

不同的Mobile Startups將會分享以下的講題:

  • Game Not Over: Why You Can Still Leave Your Mark in Mobile
  • Smartbull: Your Mobile Strategy is Bulls#it
  • X-Plat: Not Going Cross-platform as a Startup is like Jumping From IFC Without a Parachute!
  • Are You Designing the Future of Mobile, or Just Copying It?
  • Make it So: Don't Waste Time with Consumers, Your Successful Mobile Startup is in Enterprise
  • The Art of the Pivot: Acknowledging You're Going Down the Wrong Road and Find the One to Success!
  • Y U No Download Me: A Look at Rankings from the Hong Kong and China App Stores
  • The Investment Scene for Hong Kong Mobile Startups Roundtable
  • Are Most Smartphone Users Dumb? Hong Kong App Developers Roundtable

開始時間:2013年10月12日 09:00
結束時間:2013年10月12日 18:00
地點:The Vine, 灣仔
主辦單位:StartUpsHK, SCC