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FeedbackFruits Launches the Enhanced Version of Their Team Based Learning Tool for Digitizing Collaboration


AMSTERDAM, Mar 27, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - FeedbackFruits has released the new Team Based Learning, an LMS-integrated tool designed to digitize and scale collaborative learning across all course sizes and modalities.

Team Based Learning supports and enhances the facilitation of the entire team-based learning (TBL) process, a collaborative learning approach that gives students the possibility to apply their knowledge to solve single or multiple problems.

The development of the tool was initiated in collaboration with Deakin University and IE Business School, where TBL is one of the prominent pedagogical approaches. Both institutions wanted to develop an easy-to-use, LMS-integrated tool to accommodate different elements of TBL. The initial version of the tool was launched to help automate the individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT) and team Readiness Assurance Test (tRAT). FeedbackFruits then continued to work with Deakin University over the past year to further expand the tool's capacity to cover all the major steps of the TBL process.

The new Team Based Learning presents several functionalities that support and optimize each stage of the TBL process. With the ability to add engaging pre-work assignments, adjust activity timing, decide on group representatives, and configure peer evaluation steps, instructors can streamline a complete collaborative activity in any modality. At the same time, students enjoy a meaningful learning experience where collaboration, autonomy, and accountability are maintained.

Dr. Svetlana Stevanovic emphasized the tool's capacity for facilitating meaningful collaborative activities:

"I used FeedbackFruits for my first-year unit. The unit has a team-based learning component where students are expected to collaborate to reach a consensus on a specific topic/research question. They are required to do some reading before the class. The unit runs online and in person. I used Team Based Learning to facilitate peer assessment and integrate the quiz into the studio. The enrollment process worked well and enabled students to participate in groups. Students were actively engaged and liked the classes."

For Joost Verdoorn, Chief Product Officer of FeedbackFruits, the launch marks an exciting chapter in the company's story of driving effective pedagogy: "With this release, we show that FeedbackFruits is dedicated to supporting innovative and proven teaching methods, allowing students worldwide to enjoy better and more meaningful learning experiences."

Since its first iteration, the tool has been adopted at 39 institutions worldwide and helped faculties create 197 courses with 865 TBL activities.

About FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits is an EdTech scale-up based in Amsterdam whose mission is to drive student engagement while increasing teacher productivity. The platform encompasses a range of learning activities such as self & peer assessment, online discussion, and team-based learning. The company is currently supporting over 100 institutions worldwide with 90+ employees. For more information, press only: [email protected]

Contact Information
Irmak Ozgenoglu
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

SOURCE: FeedbackFruits

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