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IDC Safari 2012 The Internet Data Centre Event

Hong Kong, Friday June 8 2012 IDC Safari 2012,為首屆數據中心博覽會,於2012年6月8日,假香港尖沙咀唯港薈舉行,本活動歡迎各業界人士包括雲端運算服務供應商、網絡營辦商、互聯網服務供應商、數據中心顧問公司、及有意開展數據業務之企業等等.與會人士可透過是次活動交流對未來發展之意見及增進企業之間之合作與商機。 IDC Safari is a One-day IDC Event organized by HKCOLO.NET Limited. All IDC Operators, service providers, solutions providers, product vendors, consultant as well as contractors in HK and/or nearby territories will be invited to exhibit at the event. Individuals, Companies, Institutions, Corporations, and Government Bodies which require IDC services will be invited to participate in the event. IDC Safari targets to facilitate and provide an interactive business environment for service providers and end-users to understand each other’s business requirements, exchange views, and to realize business opportunities and rooms for cooperation. The Program 0830          Guest Registration 0900-0910 Opening of IDC Safari 0910-1700 Conference and Exhibition 1050-1120 Coffee Break 1300-1400 Luncheon 1520-1545 Coffee Break 1700-1710 Closing of IDC Safari and Lucky Draw   Conference Session 0910-1050 Conference Session 1 1120-1300 Conference Session 2 1400-1520 Conference Session 3 1545-1700 Conference Session 4 Register Now:  For enquiries, please email [email protected] *Free Admission, Lunch at HKD200 *免費登記入場,另設收費午饍
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