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Website consultation service

seo1 We are experienced internet marketer with several successful cases like, and Those sites have a pretty good SEO (search engine optimization) structure and search engine friendly. Actually, this service will save your advertising cost for long and this will help you re-constructing your website SEO and you will have a better understanding of your website strength and weakness. Meaning target audience should be able to find you easier and increase Google pagerank. We provide website consulting service for HKD $2,000 each time or a monthly contract (12 months) for HKD $12,000 (recommended as internet world keeps changing) which basically we do a fully body check for your website. Website consulting service includes the following: 1: Keyword suggestion 2: Site optimization - we will judge according to your title, keyword, description, web page body, image link analysis and keyword proximity 3: Submit to 504 search engine around the global 4: Pagerank and link popularity report 5: Link Validation - check each links in your website to ensure it is not broken links. We will email several reports and explain to you what modification should be taken via phone. If you are interesting in the service, please email us at [email protected]