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International Entrepreneur Sam Stathis Supports Ukraine to Initiate Next Phase of Rebuilding Devastated Economy Through Technology and Innovation


NEW YORK, Apr 26, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - Entrepreneur Sam Stathis is set to embark on a trip to Ukraine to offer his technologies to help rebuild and resurrect the country, which has been devastated by war and economic crisis. Stathis will be using Theometrics Global and Bevis by Theo innovative solutions to aid in the rebuilding efforts. Theometrics has already donated limited edition NFTs, solely for the purpose of raising money for humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine. Stathis will be initiating the next phase of support during his trip and offering his technologies to help rebuild the country.

Stathis has established several programs, including conferences on construction and technical innovation, contributing to Startup New York, and founding Theometrics University to train young people in precision measurement and navigation in real estate and construction. His philosophy is rooted in the ancient Greek ideals, with a focus on helping people figure out their place in the universe through Theometrics Global. Theometrics has a broader mission of promoting global peace and prosperity by training and preparing the new generation for the modern economy, technology, arts, and sciences. Stathis launched Theometrics in Greece in the summer of 2021 to help his homeland recover from the Greek Economic crisis of 2007, which plagued the country for decades. Stathis had issued a call to action to the Greek diaspora to invest back in their homeland, to help bring Greece up to modern standards and create new job opportunities. Sam Stathis has also been involved with professional Chariot Racing competitions and tournaments for years, and as part of his initiative, he also aims to revive chariot racing as a modern-day Olympic sport, reinstating it as one of the five events that founded the ancient Greek Olympic Games.

In February 2022, Stathis also focused his attention to the War in Ukraine. Working with world leaders on Theometrics worldwide peace and prosperity campaign, the efforts multiplied and Team Stathis and Theometrics sprang into action.

"I immediately began efforts to support Ukraine by donating drones to the front lines, and the military sent me videos of the drones in use with their gratitude for this support. I accomplished this with a partnership with a Ukrainian news agency, a young group of volunteers at Sky Over Ukraine. In addition to publicizing and raising awareness, Sky Over Ukraine uploads footage and videos daily of what was happening at the front lines - including footage from the drones I donated that are used for reconnaissance missions," said Stathis.

Theometrics Global has already donated NFTs that are limited edition, solely for the purpose of raising money for humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine. Stathis stresses, "Neither Theometrics Ukraine, nor Sky Over Ukraine have received or will receive any administrative fees or any fees of any kind, thus all proceeds go directly to Ukrainian aid."

Stathis will be traveling to Ukraine to witness the atrocities of war first-hand and to initiate the next phase of support, in offering his technologies to help rebuild and resurrect Ukraine, with his new set of NFTs and real coins minted in copper, silver & gold.

In March 2023, while traveling for a Chariot Racing tournament in Palermo, Sicily, and Syracuse, Stathis was awestruck by the ancient Greek temples in Agrigento, Sicily, and prompted Stathis' passion for Greek heritage to now further extend to investing in technology and innovation, leading the effort to resurrect Magna Graecia, particularly in the Valley of the Temples, in Agrigento and expanding freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

What began as Sam Stathis' vision for a New Greece, now has expanded to Sicily's Agrigento and Ukraine, and is grounded in his belief of the potential of each region, its human capital, and his entrepreneurial spirit. By investing in technology and innovation and engaging young people in profit management and growth, he aims to create a brighter future for these countries.

For more: https://theometrics.com
Bevis by Theo: www.bevisbytheo.com
Sky Over Ukraine: https://skyoverukraine.com

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