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Admob Mobile 報告 (Feb 2009)

19 This report is showing Feb 2009 and done by admob which is mobile advertising network so they have more data to do this analyze. It shows that iPhone is the leading one but Nokia have 6 phones in the top 10 which is also significant numbers.  Apple 33% VS Nokia(s) 22.6%. iPhone is still the leading smartphone worldwide. 25 In US, iPhone dominates half of the market and US does not like Nokia like other area in the world. 34 Symbian is still leading which is not surprised but iPhone OS grows from 4% to 33% is an amazing move and it is still raising. I am sure you guys know iPhone OS is raising but when you look at the figures, it is still impressive. 42 US is still major market for iPhone but the trend for iPhone is spreading so  quick that they are going to dominate in other area worldwide too. Admob Mobile Metrics February 2009 - Get more Information Technology