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Information Security Summit 2017


Main Conference

The Summit is a two-day free conference for local and regional participants,including: management, decision makers, information security professionals and IT security specialists from large and small enterprises and government bureau and departments. The conference is composed of keynote sessions and plenary sessions. Both keynote and plenary sessions are strongly encouraged to be based on factual / personal experiences and to provide the audience with a global perspective, using local applications and case studies. (English is the official language of the Summit.)  
  • Date / Time: 15-16 August 2017 (09:00 - 17:35)
  • Venue: Level 2, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Fee: Free of Charge (Registration Required)
  • Details & Registration:
For Enquiry: Tel: 2788 5884 / Fax: 2190 9784 More Details:  
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