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SpyDLLRemover 5.0 免安裝版 – 惡意DLL檔移除工具


DLL檔移除工具 - SpyDLLRemover,可以掃描電腦中可疑的惡意程式、查看執行中的處理程序,搜尋包含某些字串的DLL檔並移除之。(阿榮)()(下載

[2013.11.27] 感謝讀者「Myron Yim」通知改版訊息。

SpyDLLRemover is the standalone tool to effectively detect and delete spywares from the system. It comes with advanced spyware scanner which quickly discovers hidden Rootkit processes as well suspcious/injected DLLs within all running processes. It not only performs sophisticated auto analysis on process DLLs but also displays them with various threatlevels, which greatly helps in quick identification of malicious DLLs. The DLL search feature helps in finding DLL within all running processes using just partial or full name. Then user can choose to remove the dll from single process or from all loaded processes with just one click.

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