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剛剛升級 iPhone 到 OS 3.0

剛剛從 Apple 開發人員帳戶 升級 iPhone 到 OS 3.0,沒有太多的指示但我又想試,所以使用 Jimmy 的Macbook 幫助升級,因為它需要 XCode。 Here is the procedure from my colleague - Jimmy.
  1. Download the iphone OS 3.0 beta from your developer website (you need to paid to join the developer program)
  2. Open XCode => Organizer, Change the software version to "Other version", then you can have a dialog box for you to choose the ipsw file.
  3. Then wait for update.
  4. Finish. Restore your backup data.
Here you go the new features as follows:
Cut, copy, and paste - It is very handy and easy to use as I thought it could be harder. picture-208 Search your iPhone - When you move the screen to left hand side, it has a all-in-one search bar now. It searches throughout your system including contact, email, sms, etc... picture-205 Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS - Again it is handy. picture-204 Read and compose email and text messages in landscape. picture-209 Voice Memos apps - It has a new app which record voice. It is good apps but I prefer iTalk which is free app and in the app store long ago.


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