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The Dude 4.0 Beta 2 免安裝中文版

[下載教學] [全球一動4G隨身分享器] 自動繪製網路拓撲的免費專業網管軟體 - The Dude,只要連上網路設備就可以自動畫出網路架構圖,還有設備監控、告警,以及超多的專業網管功能,支援SNMP、ICMP、DNS、TCP通訊協定。(阿榮
* The Dude is free of charge! * Auto network discovery and layout * Discovers any type or brand of device * Device, Link monitoring, and notifications * Includes SVG icons for devices, and supports custom icons and backgrounds * Easy installation and usage * Allows you to draw your own maps and add custom devices * Supports SNMP, ICMP, DNS and TCP monitoring for devices that support it * Individual Link usage monitoring and graphs * Direct access to remote control tools for device management * Supports remote Dude server and local client * Runs in Linux Wine environment, MacOS Darwine, and Windows * Best price/value ratio compared to other products (free of charge)
安裝版下載連結→ [SkyDrive] [Xuite] [sendspace] SHA1:aac7c8ef29b71fa20474973718423eb0f1e71679 免安裝版下載連結→ [SkyDrive] [Xuite] [sendspace] SHA1:eb6a75a2568351bec90bde6c4c84806a9fc0c0ac
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