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YouChoob 1.15 免安裝版

[下載教學] [全球一動4G隨身分享器] 自動下載最高畫質YouTube影片 - YouChoob,只要貼上影片播放的網址,管他是HD高畫質,普通畫質也好,反正自動幫你嘗試以最高畫質來下載就對了,完全符合懶人的想法!阿榮
YouChoob is an application that allows you to download videos directly from the YouTube.com website and save them to a location on your system. YC is the easiest way to download videos as all it requires is the URL address to the page that contains the video.
YouChoob supports downloading from all language versions of YouTube and will automatically download the highest quality version of all videos, if available.
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