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IECookiesView 1.74 中文免安裝版

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IE Cookie管理工具 - IECookiesView,很多網站都會在你瀏覽的同時寫入Cookie,雖然可以開啟XP的「C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookies」資料夾來手動管理,但你可能看不懂他顯示的內容,使用這個工具來管理就方便多了,最高可支援到IE8。(阿榮 IECookiesView is a small utility that displays the details of all cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer. In addition, It allows you to do the following actions: - Sort the cookies list by any column you want, by clicking the column header. A second click sorts the column in descending order. - Find a cookie in the list by specifying the name of the Web site. - Select and delete the unwanted cookies. - Save the cookies to a readable text file. - Copy cookie information into the clipboard. - Automatically refresh the cookies list when a Web site sends you a cookie. - Display the cookies of other users and from other computers. - Open the IECookiesView utility directly from Internet Explorer toolbar. - Change the content of a cookie ! - Export your cookies to Netscape/Mozilla cookies file. - Block specific Web sites from using cookies through the cookies blocking mechanism of Internet Explorer 6.0. 下載連結→ [SkyDrive] [Xuite] [sendspace] SHA1:a0bf268172475d3f9511a260ea7bba6fa3e0ee2b
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