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Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) & Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Roundtable Invitation November 7, 2013, Hong Kong

apcsc logo Warm greetings from Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium!   We would like to invite you or other senior representative to participate in the upcoming CRE & CSQS Roundtable to be held in Hong Kong on Customer Relationship Excellence Contact Center Successes and Innovationsjointly organized with DYXnet Group, Greater China ICT Service Provider.   Together, we will also have the opportunities to share best practices on CSR, CRM customer experience management, knowledge management, Social media CRM with successful business cases and strategies.   Jason Chu, Chairman of APCSC together with other speakers and panelists will share about CRE Strategies and best practices of Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE Awards) winners that have established high performance Customer Service Quality Standard and CRE innovative firms that have implemented effective systems in place where the companies are able to achieve high ROI with better business integration, to drive towards the direction of Strategic Business Unit, to reinforce Best Practices, to institute Customer Service Knowledge Management to become a market leader with lean management and more competitive business model and profitable customer loyalty.   We are sincerely inviting you and your colleagues and business partners to join the Roundtable. Let's exchange and share your valuable experience with the participants from various industries to seek for more successful business insights, knowledge, customer relationship excellence development.   We would like to offer TechNow A COMPLEMENTARY PASS with unlimited seats to Hong Kong CRE & CSQS Roundtable 7 November, 2013.   Please register on Eventbrite:  
Details of Roundtable:
Theme: Customer Relationship Excellence Contact Center Successes and Innovations
Hong Kong, November 7th, 2013, 2:30pm-5:30pm
      Supplement: HKET (P.1P.2P.3P.4 & Pre-event)The Standard (P.1P.2P.3 & Pre-event)SingTao Past CRE & CSQS Roundtable: 2013201220112010, 20092008   Thank you very much for your help. Hope to see you during our Roundtable!
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