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HFR, Inc. Supplies Japanese Railway With my5G, Private 5G Network Solution and AI Technology, to Enhance Railway Safety


SEOUL, S.KOREA, Jul 12, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240), the leading ICT solutions provider in Korea, today announced deployment of my5GTM as an end-to-end private 5G solution to the Japanese Railway to improve safety while also increasing operations efficiency. HFR's my5G solution incorporates key components such as a robust Service Management Platform (SM Platform), vCore, vCU/DU, fronthaul multiplexer and high-power radio units (RUs).

The goal of the deployment was to proactively prevent accidents by utilizing cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition to enable the real-time monitoring of railway and cabin conditions to more efficiently manage resources for continuous safety monitoring and proactive maintenance optimization.

HFR's innovative my5G solution employed high-power base stations on railway lanes to provide services to railway tracks and stations, including managing data between network terminals and trains to ensure uninterrupted 5G communications, even when trains are operating at their highest speed.

"Reflecting upon the successful completion of another HFR private 5G deployment, we are proud to have assisted in advancing the level of safety at these mission-critical railway sites," stated Han Jae-hyuk, Head of HFR's Global Business Division. "As a follow on to this project, we expect that HFR's my5G deployments will continue to expand by meeting specific connectivity requirements of various private businesses throughout Japan."

About my5G(TM):

HFR's my5G(TM) solution is a pre-integrated private 5G system. The 3GPP-compliant packaged solution includes key components such as vCore, vCU/DU, indoor and outdoor radio units, plus integrated CPE devices with a complete service & network management platform. HFR is deploying my5GTM in critical applications such as IIOT in a nuclear power generation site in Korea, railway solutions in Japan, as well as across several factory and industrial complexes.

About HFR, Inc.:

HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240) is the leading ICT equipment vendor in Korea, offering a full range of optical transport, broadband access with WiFi products, and Private 5G. For the last 23 years, HFR has provided innovative products to the world's largest mobile operators. HFR has established strong partnerships with Korean mobile operators resulting in leading-edge technology, field-proven deployments, and expansion into the global market. For more information, visit www.hfrnet.com.

For more information, contact:
Peter K. Cho, Global CTO of HFR, Inc.
[email protected]

Contact Information
Peter K. Cho
Global CTO, HFR
[email protected]
+1 469-703-0861

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