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Door of Time 時空之門

  名稱:時空之門 意念:我每天都乘電梯,也在等電梯,雙眼不停看著層數的顯示板,在等著也在感覺到時間的存在。 使用:這鐘有十四個按鈕(所有都只作裝飾用),十二個數字及兩個表達上下午的符號,例如在草圖你會看到"七"及"上"按鈕,現在是上午七時的意思,隨著時間過去,樓層燈在上上落落,以一小時一層的在移動。 製作:這時鐘以電梯樓層顯示板面的元件併成,面板用鋼製,十四個按鈕的圓邊以鋼製,中心部位則以透明亞加力膠製造。操作部份用一般的電子電路板構成,燈的部份是 LED 燈。 有無有想生產? TITLE : DOOR OF TIME IDEA : I take elevator everyday, once I pressed on the button, I can’t stop watching the floor panel, it inspires me the relation between time and wait and this clock, and the importance of time. USAGE : This clock is mainly for home uses, designed to hang on top of the light switch’s empty space. There 14 “buttons” which are mainly for decoration. The bottom two buttons actually are A.M. (on the left, the up sign) and P.M. (on the right, the down sign). For example, you could find on the draft having a green light on “7” and “Up” button, it means now is 7:00am. When time passes, the green light moves up and down slowly, one button per hour. MADE : It is mainly assembled from the lift floor panel. The panel is made of steel, buttons are made of steel and crystal-clear plastic. The backend is a simple circuit board with LED light. Anyone wants to manufacture it?
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