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Gary Swart
CEO, oDesk

科技日新月異,尤其互聯網,網絡工具軟件不斷取代和改變傳統生產模式,對於還要在職場打滾數十年的一代,oDesk CEO Gary Swart提供了一系列你必需知道的貼士..

Three main discussions that need to happen. We need to better understand:

1. What the future of work will look like
2. How companies should respond
3. How professionals should respond as well

What the future of work will look like

1. The organization now serves a different purpose
Today, we no longer need to access resources in an ‘all-or-nothing' way, with on-demand services quickly becoming the de facto way to access resources. “traditional organizations can be thought of as a legacy technology for getting things done. Now, we have more and more new alternatives to this way of organizing things.”

2. The structure of the workforce is shifting due to new career expectations
A growing number of people are not only requesting flexibility, autonomy and impact in their careers, but prioritizing it — leading to a surge in freelancing and entrepreneurship. Independent careers are a choice people are moving towards.

3. This is only possible because of the transparency the Internet has unlocked
The monumental shifts in the world of work are largely because points #1 and #2 dovetail so well. But the only way this phenomenon has been made possible is because of advances in Internet technology, and particularly the transparency and trust that Internet-based services have unlocked.

How companies should respond

1. Rethink how to create effective organizations
How do you replicate the water-cooler culture and positive impact of spontaneous collaboration when you have virtual team members? That will be one of the biggest questions of the next few years.

2. Reinvent what it means to be a great manager
Managers will need to be adept at integrating team members — whether they're in the office or across the world, full time or freelancing, serving as a niche consultant or in a more general role. In some cases there will be new skills — like building camaraderie among people who have never met face to face and effectively assembling teams of specialized experts.

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