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AutoScreenShot 免安裝版 – 偷拍電腦畫面 免費電腦螢幕側錄軟體


免費電腦螢幕側錄軟體 - AutoScreenShot,可於固定的間隔秒數(Delay between two shot)內自動擷取電腦的全螢幕畫面,並設定保留(Keep only)圖片張數,擷取到的圖片自動儲存於指定資料夾,且可以自動刪除過舊的圖片。(阿榮)(下載

1. 關閉程式:「工作管理員」→「AutoScreenShot.exe」→「結束處理程序」。
2. 更改設定:刪除「options.ini」。


AutoScreenShot is like a camera for your computer's screen.
Can record everything displayed.
Very usefull if you to know what happen on your computer when you'r outside (ex : parental control).

Manual configuration (in file options.ini)

* Section [General] :
- At row Delay=60 you select the interval (in seconds) between two screen shots (default 60 seconds).
- At row DeleteMore=200 you select how many screen shots to save before automatic deleting of oldest.
* Section [Folder] :
- At row Files=... you can choise folder of files (default : ...Files),
for save screen shots on other hard drive, or an another computer (by mapped remotely share folder).
* Section [Image] :
- At row Compress=0 you can activate (or not) compress image.
- At row Force_Width=0 you can force image width (ex: 800).
- At row Force_Height=0 you can force image height (ex: 600).
* Section [Select_user] :
- At row administrator=Yes : for many user (session), write 'No' for each you dont want to supervise.

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