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WOW Apps

DSC_0633 Do you want a DREAM  having tons of innovative WOW ideas? Do you want to advance your team’s Innovation Capability? Do you want to unleash your team’s potential? Here’s your chance! Science Park and Smartway are proud to co-organize a one day workshop on ‘Developing WOW Apps and Software, Adopted by Intel, Apple, Google, Samsung, with Proven Result’ on the 27th of April. World class innovation expert Darrell Mann will explain in details the dynamics of WOW factors development. Darrell believes customers purchase for two reasons, the good reason and the real reason. Only if we could find out the real reason, we can win the market, but the real reason is usually intangible and hard to find.Darrell Mann did years of researches on this issue, and developed a comprehensive innovation toolkit. IMG-20150320-WA0001 This makes him become consultants for various IT enterprises, like Intel, Apple, Google, Samsung, Infosys, Mindtree, and so on, on New Product Development, Idea Generation, and Project Coaching.Other companies like P&G, Unilever, Rolls Royce, BMW, SaraLee, Cadbury, etc also acquire his services. Darrell also developed his own products and services, like www.foodpairing.com, and www.pansensic.com/<-- even LADY GAGA used this service to understand fans purchasing decisions!!! If you or your team are interested in joining us on the 27th of April, please refer to the Software Workshop Flyers for details and complete the payment by the 14th of April and you can enjoy the supporting organization discount. On the 28th of April, Darrell Mann is giving another workshop on patent strategy, and patent circumvention. If you’re interested, please refer to the IP Workshop Flyers. If you enroll in both workshops, you can enjoy further discount. For details, please refer to the flyers. You mayalso find Darrell's slides for his Wow Apps Seminar and IP Seminar in Science Parkin March. For inquiries, please contact Mr. Simon Tong at +852 93267828, or through email [email protected]
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