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RIOT 0.4.2


圖片減肥工具–Radical Image Optimization Tool(簡稱 RIOT),可以將各式各樣圖片檔的「大小」最佳化後輸出為JPG、GIF、PNG格式,還有指定大小的壓縮功能(Compress to size),對於加快網頁讀取的速度,或者,應付有大小限制的圖片上傳是很有幫助的。(阿榮)(

Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT for short) is a free image optimizer that will let you to visually adjust compression parameters while keeping minimum filesize.

It uses with a side by side (dual view) or single view interface to compare the original with the optimized image in real time and instantly see the resulting file size.

It is lightweight, fast and simple to use, yet powerful for advanced users. You will be able to control compression, number of colors, metadata settings and much more, and select image format (JPG, GIF or PNG) for your output file.

- refactored resize function
- allowed specifying just width or height in batch resize
- improved PNG loading: added support for binary transparency in all bit depths,
refactored the entire Load function
- fixed ICO transparency handling
- fixed a bug with applying properly the settings using the keyboard
- updated libraries to LibPNG 1.4.3, OpenEXR 1.7.0, OpenJPEG 1.4.0 (SVN patch 2010-04-16),
LibRaw 0.10-Beta3, LibTIFF 3.9.4 (CVS patch 2010-07-13)
- RAW plugin: actual RAW bit depth is now displayed
- Fixed loading of Pentax KX RAW images
- Minor improvements for the EXR and RAW plugins
- the plugins from RAW + HDR package now run without SSE2 CPU extensions
- greyscale conversions now use the Rec. 709 formula
- new standard conversion from RGBF(A) high dynamic range formats allows to
import such images with no tone mapping (gamma correction applied)
- fixed bug with Report file size in Batch when using an external optimizer
- improved TIFF and PSD loading
- small performance improvement in saving JPEG
- fixed bug with non existent files added in Batch if typed in the open dialog
- refactored the internal function ConvertToCommon
- fixed automatic scrolling to the item on which Batch is working (Vista)
- fixed a regression bug with losing resolution, ICC profile and background in some situations
- added Credits in About dialog, other minor modifications
- other clean-ups and improvements


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