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Hong Kong people lack sense of security?

How do Hong Kong people view the issues of cyber and personal security? We can learn something from the recently released Unisys Security Index.

In August, Unisys interviewed 898 residents aged 18-64 on how they view security issues. Judging from the results, Hong Kong people in general feel less secure compared to two years ago. Especially when it comes to internet and national security, the respective drops are quite obvious.

According to this survey:

- 81% are ‘extremely’ or ‘very concerned’ about unauthorised access to, or misuse of, personal information;
- 80% are ‘extremely’ or ‘very concerned’ about other people obtaining/using their credit card details;
- 70% are ‘extremely’ or ‘very concerned’ about Hong Kong experiencing another health epidemic.

In comparison, what are Hong Kong people relatively less concerned about? ‘Only’ 37% were concerned about Hong Kong’s national security in the context of war
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