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Leap Motion … is it possible for public sculpture?

I focus on writing about sculpture recently (as you notice that), I love hand made art although I am specialist in applied technology research and did make some digital "works". I believe only the hand made could express the most inside feeling of human being. When I view the sculpture, I found a big problem especially the public work - we are not Michelangelo and most of the sculptors would not make artwork bigger than Pietà by hand nowadays. By the current making process, the sculptor makes a work which is in small small scale (or simply some sketch on paper or proposal), and the “builder” make it in factory and install it. Before the installation, no one knows what it would feel like. It makes their huge public work is not as good as their "normal" size hand made one. Art is a process and feeling cycling, it is almost impossible to exactly know the end touch in advance (that is one of the difference between art and design), this situation is exaggerated in the public art. Some of you familiar with tech. may point out AR (Augmented Reality) as solution, trust me, it doesn't help and would make it worser. The best way is to let sculptor directly manipulate the public making process just like their daily "normal" size work. Leap Motion, a new kind of input device is really high precision to hand movement, have a look : The missing puzzle is the sculptable materials and tools for a 20 meters height's public sculpture. Some building facility manufacturer like Siemens, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi come to my mind. It would be fun, isn't it? Source link
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