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Chuwi MiniBook is Officially Released on INDIEGOGO, $399 for the Super Early Bird Discount!


At 14:00 UTC on June 19th, the ultra-portable notebook- Chuwi MiniBook will be officially launched on INDIEGOGO. It has two versions for sale: the standard version with Celeron N4100 processor and the high-end version equipped with Core M3-8100Y processor.

The N4100’s 8GB+128GB version is priced at $399 for super early bird discount, $429 for early bird discount and $449 for special price. While the super early bird discount for 8100Y’s 8GB+128GB version is $499 with $529 and $549 ladder prices following. Chuwi MiniBook’s combines ultra-portable mini size, 360° YOGA form with 8GB+128GB+M.2 SSD storage and full-featured Type-C in one. Below are the details.

Ultra-mini as a 「Max Version of the Phone」
Unlike the average notebook of 300*210mm, the size of the Chuwi MiniBook is reduced by 2.5 times. It looks more like a 「Max version of the phone」 rather than a heavy laptop. Owing to this, you can put Chuwi MiniBook into your pocket or backpack easily and take it out for urgent work.

The Most Powerful Core M3-8100Y Ever
Chuwi MiniBook’s high-end version is powered by Intel’s latest 8100Y processor which packs the 14nm++ process, dual-core four-threaded with a turbo frequency of 3.4GHz. The UHD Graphics 615 clocks at up to 900MHz, contributing to 104cb and 218cb in the Cinebench performance test, 3658 and 6067 scores in Geekbench 4 test.

The First UMPC to Support M.2 SSD Expansion
Except for the 8GB+128GB storage space, Chuwi MiniBook also supports dual expansion of M.2 SSD and TF card, which can be upgraded to TB-level. The M3-8100Y version of Chuwi MiniBook, meanwhile, has an upgraded motherboard bus which supports NVMe protocol and PCI. -E*4 channel with theoretical read/write speed exceeding 2000MB/s.

Type-C PD Power Delivery
Chuwi MiniBook’s Type-C port provides PD 2.0 power delivery to ensure you a worry-free charging plus a 26.6Wh high-capacity battery. Besides, Mini-HDMI, USB 3.0, 3.5mm headphone jack and other ports are also available.

Chuwi has also launched the“Recommended Gifts”activity – a free EVA protection bag worth $50 will be given to those who have already ordered Chuwi MiniBook if they succeed in recommending their friends to purchase it and those who purchase Chuwi MiniBook by recommendation.
Limited offer, don’t miss it!