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EveLab Insight Releases Latest Product Feature – Glow Detection, Helping Beauty Businesses Upgrade Personalized Skincare Solutions Through AI Skin Analysis System


SINGAPORE, Mar 20, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - EveLab Insight, a leading AI skin analysis company, is pleased to announce the release of its newest feature of its 3D skin analysis system - Glow Detection. For decades, consumers have sought the perfect product to achieve "glowing" skin. After working with dozens of industry-leading brands, such as Shiseido and Dior, EveLab Insight has developed a scientific and repeatable way to assist brands in helping their clients' skin achieve a healthy radiance.

AI Skin Analysis System - EveLab Insight professional skin analysis machine empowers beauty businesses through in-depth skincare insights.

Drawing on years of skin research, EveLab Insight uses advanced imaging technology and parallel polarized light to accurately detect skin issues at both the surface and deep levels of the skin. Advanced algorithm training and deep learning allow EveLab Insight's professional skin analysis machine to identify and analyze key dimensions contributing to glowing skin: oiliness condition, skin texture, and evenness of skin tone. Leveraging this information, brands can confidently recommend customized skincare solutions based on individual needs.

EveLab Insight's skin analysis system offers more than just a tool for ground-level analysis. Its insights on skincare empower enterprises across all departments, from R&D to marketing to brand ambassadors. R&D teams can leverage EveLab Insight's generated skincare insights to develop products that meet market demands, while the customizable UI can help marketing departments highlight key product features. Most importantly, brand ambassadors can use the AI skin analysis tool to enhance customer experience and build trust between consumers and the brand.

EveLab Insight believes that achieving a glossy complexion is not just about external factors, but also about maintaining a healthy skin barrier. With the Glow Detection feature, EveLab Insight hopes to empower individuals and enterprises alike to take a more holistic approach to skincare and achieve their best, most radiant selves.

About EveLab Insight

EveLab Insight's AI skin analysis feature is a game-changer for the skincare industry. With its precise detection system and customizable recommendations, it not only helps customers achieve healthier skin but also empowers companies to make better business decisions. Based on award-winning algorithms and patented technologies, EveLab Insight offers panoramic AI skin analyzers, a hand-held skin analyzer, and a photo-based skin analysis app for O2O scenarios. Please visit our website to unlock more tips to accelerate your beauty business: www.evelabinsight.com.

Contact Information
Daisy Zhang
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

SOURCE: EveLab Insight

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