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Bio-Generative Artist Agoria Concludes Scorpios, Mykonos’ $3m Summer Art Program


LONDON, Aug 23, 2023 - (亞太商訊) - French AI artist and polyhyphenate creative Agoria will on 24 August 2023 launch his new collection of bio-generative artworks 'Bohem-IA' in the highly anticipated closing act of the successful Encounters 'In Resonance' 7-week summer arts program at Scorpios, Mykonos (ends 3 September 2023).

The program is part of a visionary experimental platform created by renowned Mykonos-based creative and culture collective, Scorpios, to explore innovative art and culture experiences and the artists bold enough to make them. For the inaugural edition of Encounters, Scorpios collaborated with London-based contemporary art gallery and tech entrepreneurs HOFA to curate an unprecedented collaboration between artists and musicians.
So far, sales of the artwork collections released have topped $3m, with secondary sales in excess of $800k and counting.

One of many highlights of 'In Resonance' was the release of 'Winds of Yawanawa', a series of sold-out digital artworks by the popular Turkish-American generative artist, Refik Anadol, co-created with the Yawanawa Indigenous communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperanca. The artwork series was commissioned by Impact One as part of its Possible Futures program, to reflect the dynamic interrelationship between Yawanawa culture and the Amazon Forest. Pre-sales of this collection sold out within hours and the project has raised $1.5m so far, thanks to Anadol and Impact One's donations to support long-term initiatives for the protection of Yawanawa heritage.

Agoria is a veteran generative artist, having begun his exploration of AI-based artworks using bespoke models inspired by the organic forms and the vibrance of living systems in the mid-2010s. He is a talented DJ, music producer, AI-model developer, scientist, and expert on the role of technology in creating and mediating art experiences.

In 'Bohem-IA', Agoria celebrates the creative, collaborative ethos of Scorpios and the captivating beauty of Mykonos Island. The collection of 22 unique works conjures the magnificent vibrance of the Island's coral reefs, alive with colour and motion, and the life-giving luminosity of the sunlight that bathes it through the pristine waters of the coast. It is as much an ode to nature's matchless palette of chameleonic hues as it is a celebration of what has made Scorpios, Mykonos a summer gathering place for artists and art lovers alike.

Shedding light on the inspiration behind 'Bohem-IA', Agoria explains, "Scorpios Mykonos is a very special place. It's an artistic and cultural sanctuary that has given AI artists like me a rare platform to showcase our work and experiment with new, innovative models this summer. 'Bohem-IA' is my way of celebrating the unique essence of Scorpios."

For HOFA Co-Founder and art-tech Entrepreneur Elio D'Anna, it is fitting that the closing act of Scorpios Encounters' 'In Resonance' will be an emphatic visual homage to the values that inspired it. "HOFA was one of the first contemporary galleries in the world to embrace the role of technology and Web3 in creating art and delivering new, exciting art experiences. The success of our partnership with Scorpios, bringing the world's best generative artists to collaborate with musicians and musical directors, is as clear an indication as ever that the market for digital art is maturing and is here to stay."

Listen to exclusive interviews about 'In Resonance' from Art Talks curated by HOFA, Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


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