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VirusTotal Uploader 2.0


可疑檔案上傳掃描工具 - VirusTotal Uploader,可以在你滑鼠右鍵選單新增一個【傳送到→VirusTotal】的選項,直接將疑似病毒的檔案直接上傳到網站給數十種防毒軟體(引擎)來檢測。(阿榮

To upload a file to VirusTotal, you can visit the main analysis site, click the Browse button to select a file from your hard drive, and then click the Send file button. You can make this process even easier with the free VirusTotal Uploader utility. After installing it, you can simply right-click any file under 20MB and choose "VirusTotal" from the Send To Windows menu. The scan results will display in your browser as usual.

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