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InterView – a social car in the near future (concept only)

Now the car driver is facing toward the direction where they drive to, it is not necessary in the future (certainly driving is enjoyable to many) because of the auto-driving. What if the driver facing with each other? People in the car could enjoy the scene, communicate and talking chance. When I search on the social media on my mobile device,I always find some friend or people who are in the same group nearby, they are in the same bar or just 100 meter behind you. InterView is in the half capsule form. With the advancement of IT, it has the function to find your friend and two vehicle combine with each other, two car immediately becomes a single room / capsule. One car would turn off the engine and another is responsible to drive. It could save energy and keep privacy. When people finish their meeting, InterView split back into two. InterView is a "social car", people could meet new friends, business partner or even use it as another form of home office. With InterView, life is much longer. When two car merge together, one of the vehicle's tyre outer layer should be able to expand, and another contract the size to fit with each other just like a capsule. The outer (bigger) one is responsible for driving.
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