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Google 縱橫 上與您分享他們的位置


This is what I receive from my colleague - Jimmy, who is not using iPhone.


Jimmy 想要在 Google 縱橫 上與您分享他們的位置。您可以在手機、電腦或兩者上使用縱橫。如要接受或拒絕要求,或者想要瞭解更多有關縱橫的資訊,請按一下下方的連結。

If you are using iPhone, it will show COMING SOON. How sad is that?


It basically let you to share your location with your list of friends. I presume the next feature could be sharing your bookmark shop. By the time, it will be more like classified ad feature.

Below video shows you what it is like and you could take a look at google blog for detail.


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