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CCleaner 2.33.1184 免安裝中文版

CCleaner從問世到現在,使用數年卻不曾見它出過差錯,由此可見程式設計者的態度與功力,你可以放心使用他來清理一些硬碟中的暫存檔,讓電腦多出更多的可用空間,也可以掃瞄登錄檔的問題,並且讓它修復你的登錄檔,但為了確保萬一,修復前還是順手備份一下吧!(阿榮 阿榮評語: [2010.06.25] 感謝讀者「茶米」通知改版訊息。 CCleaner Portable is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :) 改版訊息: # v2.33.1184 (24 Jun 2010) - Added support for Flock 3.0. - Improved database compacting to only run when needed. - Improved Index.dat files cleaning for IE8 to include IECompatCache, IETldCache, PrivacIE folders. - Improved accuracy of cleaning status messages. - Improved localization and language support. - Improved UI text formatting for Cleaner screen. - Fixed Startup Tool double-clicking behavior on Win9x. - Minor improvements to Registry Cleaner on Windows 7. - Added Kurdish translation. [U3] [教學] 中文切換方法:Options→Settings→Language-Chinese(Traditional) 下載連結→ [訊6] [SkyDrive] [Xuite] [sendspace] SHA1:a6080bc55e32acbcacfbe960f9142bb5a1aeaa90
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