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The Hong Kong Startup Association (HKSUA) Event: “Building and Expanding Your Business – Issues and Challenges All Startups Should Consider”

polyuhksuaflyer Date: November 15, 2008 Time: 1:45pm to 4pm Venue: Lecture Room HJ305 (3/F Stanley Ho Building) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
檢視較大的地圖 Guest Speakers: Rodney Lloyd (HKSUA): "Introduction To The HK Startup Association" Louis Leung (Wing On Professional Group) : " My Road to Rome - Building and Expanding Businesses and China Expansion Challenges" Stefan Rust (Catalist Group): "Innovation and The Current Startup Climate" Eddie Chua (Microsoft): Microsoft's Startup Offering Panel discussion: "Building and growing your business - considerations for startup business" Xbox Lucky Draw Competition Register Here: [email protected] Website: copy-of-polyuhksuaflyer