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notify.me lets you get realtime notifications of information you care about.

logo Notify.me allows users to get immediate updates whenever a keyword they’ve specified pops up in their favorite blogs or social networks as well as track items on craigslist, job postings, breaking news stories and much more. Then, choose to have notifications delivered to Instant Messenger, SMS, Email, or Desktop Application. It sounds easily and quickly manage your notifications through the web interface. As far as I know, it supports Craigslist, Facebook, Google News, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitter Search at the moment. notify.me demo from notify.me on Vimeo. Here is a facebook case if you want to be notified by notify.me 1. Notification Feed - Updates when someone sends you a message, invite request or posts on your wall. 1a. Click on Inbox, then select the Notifications tab picture-9 1b. Copy the link titled 'Your Notifications' from the lower right of the page in the section titled 'Subscribe to Notifications' picture-10 1c. Follow the step to add a source to notify me located here. 2. Friends Status Update - What your friends are up right now on Facebook 2a. Click on 'Friends' and then click on 'Status Updates' picture-11 2b. Copy the link location for Friend's Status Feed that appears in the left hand column picture-12 2c. Follow the step to add a source to notify me located here. 3. Facebook has many feeds that you can use in notify.me to stay up to date on your facebook account and be alerted when new content becomes available. Add the feeds you're interested in to your notify.me by following the steps outlined here.


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