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MyQuire.com – The place for projects

screenshots1 About MyQuire We started MyQuire because we were frustrated by how hard it was to get stuff done in my life when other people were involved. Doing projects is an ordeal. Whether we’re trying to complete a professional project or plan a casual weekend getaway with friends, there’s pain associated with the entire process. Until now, there simply hasn’t been anywhere for people to turn. ‘Project management tools’ are still too complicated and expensive, and social and professional networks do not offer tools for project coordination. We think busy people are saying "I’ve got all these ‘friends’ and ‘connections’ - how can I move beyond the entertainment value of Web 2.0 and use this new world to help me get more done?" MyQuire is the answer. When a new challenge or opportunity comes up in any area of your life you simply create a new project, invite others to participate, and you’re productively working together to accomplish a goal in a matter of minutes. MyQuire is about the people who use it. Going forward, MyQuire will continue to integrate and benefit people’s lives. We want to work how people work, with the tools they use and like. We’ll plug into social networks, online productivity suites, existing calendar programs, and other tools people use to do their projects. We also want to be available where people work, which means offline and on mobile devices as well as on the web.


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