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MP3 Quality Modifier 1.41


MP3 Quality Modifier–MP3減肥工具,想幫MP3瘦身的最主要原因,不外乎是要讓手機、MP3播放器能夠放進更多的音樂,這個小軟體操作起來很容易,只要將MP3檔案或整個資料夾拖放到其主程式介面,再於Rate(kbps)的下拉式選單選擇一下取樣率(越低檔案轉出來越小),按一下〔Start Process〕就可以開始轉檔,轉出來的檔案,預設是儲存於桌面的「output」資料夾。(阿榮

The main purpose is to change the bitrate of your mp3 music collection in a really simple but intuitive way so that the filesize can be dramatically reduced while the audio quality stays the same. With this advantage it's possible to put more music on your mp3-player or just to save some disk space.

1.3 21.06.2010
added: complete unicode support
added: retain folder structure
added: new destination mode: replace
added: Russian translation (thanks Andrey!)
added: remove successfully processed files from main list
added: check loaded files automatically
added: possibility to replace error files
added: timer for overwrite window
added: recognition of "-Portable" command
added: new "-Uninstall" command
changed: improved texts and translations
fixed: dropdown list width
removed: executable compression
removed: website check

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