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ReIcon 1.3 免安裝版 – 桌面小圖示排列位置備份還原軟體


桌面小圖示排列位置備份還原軟體 - ReIcon,你是否常常因為玩遊戲、執行軟體、簡報而變更桌面解析度,導致桌面小圖示的排列亂掉?這個小軟體可以手動儲存多組桌面解析度及桌面小圖示排序的位置(座標),當亂掉的時候,只要按一下還原按鈕,就可以馬上恢復原來的排列位置,不用再手動調整了!(阿榮)(下載

系統需求:Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP(32及64位元)

ReIcon Portable is a very easy to use Portable freeware and enables you to save and restore your desktop icon layouts ,If you frequently change your screen resolution to play games or use applications that require a specific resolution, you are probably familiar with the fact that your desktop icons are usually a mess after you switch back to your normal resolution ,ReIcon solves this problem by allowing you to save your desktop layout and restore it with the click of a button (Or just with Right-Click (Context) Menu)
Set your icons the way you like them, save the layout, then just restore it later when the need arises
- Save your favorite icon's Layout for each screen resolution
- you can save many Icon's layout
- No need installation
- Unicode Support
- You can easily add “Save / restore Icon's Layout” feature in the Context menu
- Cmd support (ReIcon /?)
- Align icons to Grid feature – allows you to bring icons into proper position (similar to Windows Auto Range Icons feature)


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