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TechNow Q1 2009

q1 Technow was built 5 months ago and this is the first complete quarter data which you can see the steady growth. The sudden drop is due to dedicated server migration. It continues to show the trend of digital media is increasing their market share. With 60,146 visits and 100,781 page views in Q1 2009, I would like to share some information we have got here.
  • 75% traffic is from search engine which is a healthy %.
  • Browser choices: IE 64%, firefox 30%, chrome 3%, safari 3%
  • Source to technow: yahoo 38%, google 37%, direct 15%, facebook 2%
  • Keyword to technow: 5%, pet society 1%, you tube hk 1%, sony ericsson idou 1%. I do not know why youtube keyword brings us 5% traffic, pretty weird.
  • Country visits: Hong Kong 43192, Taiwan 6528, China 4129, US 1906, Macau 1337
After all, I appreciate the readers continue to support and love to see the trend of digital world.