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A sist with the Video game AND Hug on the Sport


Pregame .Tweet from @TrojanWarrior: C'mon boys!! Let's go @LAKings!! #GoKingsGo from @hummingbird5225: Hey @JimFox19 Thanks a lot of for that beautiful tribute to our military! You're talking for all of us! @LAKings #GoKingsGo Tweet from @gogokingsgo: @13KCliffy Thank you a great deal with the puck you flipped to my Daughter in the course of warm up tonight-safe to say you have gained an additional admirer! @LAKings from @LAKings: fifty three, 13, 14. Warming up. from @Half_Deaf289: I would like among all those camo @LAKings jerseys.Tweet from @annaahernandez: The @LAKings warm up jerseys are dopeFirst Period.Tweet from @LAKings: His identify is JonasPeter is carrying the wheel from @dianemchl8: Therefore if @LAKings earn tonight will @amartinez_27 and @27MilanLucic chest pump? I might really like to discover it for outdated situations sake! #GoKingsGo #GoKingsGoForbort. 1-0.Tweet from @geektrooper: Indeed! Forbort scores! @LAKings strike very first! #LAKings #EDMvsLAKTweet from @TrasiStarr: Gooooooaaaaallll!!!! @lakings 2-0.Tweet from @LA_hockey_chick: CUPCAKE 2-0 @LAKingsTweet from @Anya_Sparrow: That Cupcake Toffoli even though.. #EDMvsLAK #[email protected] from @deedeedott: Budaj's save on McDavid. #GoKingsGo @LAKings from @LAKings: Hanging out while in the initially intermi sion like Period.After they come back and tie it...2-2.Tweet from @cinemasociety_: @LAKings from @LA_hockey_chick: #itwas2to0 @lakingsBack on leading. Carter. 3-2.Tweet from @LAKings: Short-handed, but oh so sure-handed from @geektrooper: CARTER SHORTIE!!!! @LAKings back again on best ! #LAKings #EDMvsLAKTweet from @camtheman113: @LAKings Thank you Based mostly 70S LINE(yikes)Tweet from @b3llad3lla: Whenever you pretty much split your mobile phone as you ended up cheering for the @LAKings too hardTweet from @LAKings: To navy members, energetic and retired, thank you for your personal a sistance. Period of time.Setoguchi with all the insurance policies. 4-2.Tweet from @LAKings: That emotion whenever you score to really make it 4-2 from @mctclover: Be sure to preserve That 70s Line alongside one another all over again, @LAKings! We've all mi sed them so muchTweet from @TerrifiedNick: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! @LAKings Sure! Dion Phaneuf Jersey Of course! Yes! Certainly! #GoKingsGoTweet from @fordwagner11: @SavedByQuick @LAKings 4-2 LA Kings.Tweet from @SavedByQuick: THE @LAKings Gained!! This can make up for a truly lousy working day. Thanks boys! #lakings from @kellercali: Paused our television set for a 2nd.Didn't would like to pa s up @LAKings postgame coverage.Seemed up & saw this! Love the expre sion @JimFox19.#gkg #nhl from @MackNMileyTweet: Proud of @JeffCarter_77 our #1 Star on the Recreation! @LAKings from @LAKings: A sist with the Video game AND Hug on the Sport.

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