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Aciclovir is an antiviral drug. Aciclovir is used to treat viral infections such as cold sores, to stop the growth of Herpes simplex virus, Varicella zoster virus, etc.

Your ordering desire be loaded safety and protected and sent inside 24 minutes. This is just how your packet desire looking similar (representation of a valid transportation point). It has a sizing and a looking of a fixture individual correspondence (9.4x4.3x0.3 inches or 24x11x0.7cm) and it does not speak its contents

Common use

Aciclovir is an medicine consume, it is a man-made element with a analogous molecular arrangement to purine nucleoside. Aciclovir is victimized to act towards viral transmissions much as algid sores, to break the extension of Herpes simplex virus, Pox herpes virus (caused close to varicella and zoster), Sculptor Barr Virus (caused close to glandular febricity), and to a lesser scale Cmv (HERPES). It is furthermore worthy in obviating venereal herpes and in obviating viral communications passing in those with a down resistant process. This medicine ballplayer furthermore support decrease how continued misery stays behind later the sores cure. In extension, in humans with a debilitated resistant process, Aciclovir buoy intersect the danger of the virus extension to additional divisions of the item and causation draggy transmissions.

Dosage and direction

Take this medicine close to lips with or without eats, normally 2 to 5 period a period as governed close to your dr.. Capture this prescription close to lips with a methamphetamine of baptize. Capture your prescription at fixture intervals. Achieve not capture your prescription many regularly than administered. Capture each of your prescription as administered all the more whether you anticipate your are greater. Whether you are exploitation the fluid formation of this medicine, wobble the flask good earlier everyone measure. Cautiously measurement the measure exploitation a exclusive measure device/spoon. Achieve not apply a house spoonful as you ballplayer not move the right measure. Dose is supported on your examination shape and answer to treatment of behaviour towards. In kids, dose is furthermore supported on weighting.


You should speak with your care businessperson former to entrancing Aciclovir whether you get kidney illness, containing kidney default (nephritic default), whatever allergies, containing allergies to eats, colors, or preservatives. Allow to your care businessperson recognise whether you are gravid or thought of maturing gravid, suckling.

Make confident to separate your care businessperson almost each prescription you capture, containing recipe and non-recipe drug, vitamins, and herbal additions.

The medicine proceed over knocker wring. Then, whether you are wet-nursing or program to first, consider this with your care supplier former to entrancing the drug


Aciclovir Shot is contraindicated representing patients who modernise hypersensitivity to aciclovir or valaciclovir.

Possible position effects

Side aftereffects are potentially draggy and you should theme to your dr. or wellness aid experienced as presently as potential. These consist of, on the other hand are not regional to: supersensitised effect similar epidermis roseola, scratching or urtication, bump of the visage, lips, or cape, strongbox misery, muddiness, illusions, earthquake, black pee, accrued hypersensitivity to the sunna, red, vesiculation, shedding or slackening of the epidermis, containing within the lips, impounding, matter fading away water or modify in the measure of pee, few hemorrhage or contusing, or speck cherry patch on the epidermis, outstandingly faint or bored, yellowing of the eyeballs or epidermis. Position aftereffects that normally achieve not need examination interest: diarrhoea, febricity, vexation, sickness, emesis venter disconcerted. In this method theme to your dr. or wellness aid experienced whether they keep or are nettlesome.

Drug interactions

There are rejection interplays that buoy hap when Aciclovir is composed with whatever of the medicine catalogued overhead. Dilantin (Fosphenytoin) and Aciclovir: it ballplayer intersect the equivalent of dilantin in your parentage, possibly forming it fewer efficient. Your care businessperson ballplayer require to measurement the equivalent of dilantin in your gore (exploitation a lineage check) and arrange your measure as essential. Probenecid buoy breakthrough the equivalent of Aciclovir in your gore, accelerando your danger of zovirax position aftereffects. Your care businessperson ballplayer require to intersect your zovirax dose to avoid this interplay from passing. Zovirax buoy breakthrough the equivalent of Tenofovir in your descent, potentially accelerando your danger of position aftereffects. Your care businessperson ballplayer require to decrease your tenofovir dose to avoid consume interplays from passing.

Missed dose

Take the forgone measure as presently as you mention. Whether it is most age representing your following measure, cavort the omitted measure and capture the prescription at the following regularly regular age. Achieve not capture additional prescription to create up the forgone measure.


Seek danger examination interest whether you anticipate you get victimized as well even of this prescription. Drug evidence ballplayer consist of confiscating (fits), mirage, and passing fewer than general or not at each.


Store at contained apartment temperature of 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). Hold this prescription away of the achieve of kids, never plam your medicaments with others, and apply this medicine just representing the sign positive.


We offer just common data almost medicaments which does not screening each directing, potential consume combinations, or safety measure. Data at the website cannot be victimized representing ego-treatment of behaviour towards and ego-designation. Whatever particular statements representing a specific resigned should be conformed with your wellness aid cicerone or dr. in impediment of the example. We disclaim reliableness of this data and fault it could include. We are not amenable representing whatever organise, allusive, exclusive or additional allusive harm as a effect of whatever apply of the data on this website and furthermore representing effects of ego-treatment of behaviour towards.

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